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That Time I Made My Husband Take My Pictures



March 24, 2017

 So who does a photographer get to photograph her? This girl got her hubby to do it. Yes, I know, he’s such a trooper! I first asked him to do head shots of me in October. And if you know my husband, he’s much more of a sports guy than he is a photographer which makes him taking my pictures the funniest thing on earth. It took some time and a lot of patience from me to finish my head shot session then. When I asked him to do it again recently, he was all in. Now, I do set everything up for him-the manual camera settings, the location, the posing, etc. but I was so surprised at how good of a job he did! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a big fan of taking pictures of myself. I cringe. I despise it. I avoid it. (Ha, ironic coming from a photographer herself right?!) But I know it’s so important for others-my brides, my families, etc.-to see who the person behind the lens is. People connect with people, not things. And I so want my brides, and everyone else who uses me as their photographer, to connect with me. To know who I am. As imperfect as I am. As fashionably uncoordinated as I am. Not because I’m a perfect size 2 (I don’t think I was ever a size 2), or because I’m wearing the latest fad (I laugh at that thought because I am SO not fashionable), but because I’m the one who will be behind the lens working with you. The person who brides will spend most of their wedding day with, the person who will capture images to look back on for a really long time, the person who, with all her heart, wants to give an amazing experience. So for these reasons and so much more, I try to put myself in front of the camera so you can all see who I am and get to know me. (If you don’t currently keep up with me on Instagram or Facebook, I would love to connect with you there!) So here’s a small preview of my recent headshot session done by my hubby. Thank you honey for always loving me and supporting me. Even when I make you do the most random things! You’re the best!


And I couldn’t let the day finish without a picture of him.



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