December 24, 2016

Christmas Cheer & A New Name


I wanted to take time to thank you for an awesome year! This first year was filled with so much love and trust that came from you and for that, I’m grateful. My heart is overwhelmed when I think of the time I spent photographing you, getting to know you more, and laughing with you. I did not take lightly the task that was at hand and hope that at the end of the day, the images you received brought a burst of ‘Splendid Joy’ to your day. Thank you for trusting me enough to photograph you and to preserve such precious memories. It was my wonderful privilege and absolute pleasure to do so. THANK YOU!

I also wanted to let you know of an exciting change that will take place on January 1. Splendid Joy Photography will become Aura Elizabeth Photography. Don’t worry, it’s still me producing the same images just with a new ‘home’. I love Splendid Joy Photography and it will always be special to me but I feel so compelled and led to make this change and know it would portray my work and who I am better. Because you’re not hiring a thing, you’re hiring a person. Someone you can connect with and who’ll make the experience an enjoyable and down to earth one. Someone who will capture those joyful and authentic moments. Someone who loves hearing love stories and telling it through the art of photography. That’s me. Aura Elizabeth. It’s such a bittersweet change but I’m so excited to see what this next phase holds!

With this change, you’ll find me at and at I sure hope to see you, give you a hug, and photograph you again this next year!

Additionally, I’d love to keep in touch with you throughout the year. Because of this, I’ll be sending monthly updates and highlights of what’s going on through our monthly newsletter. To receive these, you can sign up below.

So friends, thank you again for your trust, for your support, and for your encouragement. You truly are the best and I wish you an abundant of blessings this next year.  Have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With joy,

Aura Elizabeth
Splendid Joy Photography
Soon to be: Aura Elizabeth Photography

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