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Cheers to 2018! (And Goals!)

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 day page book.

Write a good one.”

Happy 2018 friends! If you’re following along, THANK YOU!!! This small Midwest turned L.A. city girl is thankful for your love and support through this journey of photography. So can I ask you, how was YOUR 2017? If you’re like me, there were amazing highlights but there were also some not so amazing moments that you’re totally ok leaving behind. Like, for real! It was definitely a growing and stretching year but ironically, it’s been a year where I’VE grown and stretched as an individual as well. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are SO many things I’m planning on working on this new year but if there are two things that have happened this growing year it’s that my relationship with God has gotten deeper (because y’all, He makes all things better) and my relationship with my husband has gotten stronger. So in the spirit of a new year, I wanted to share my word of the year and how my goals for this year stem from that. Here it is:


Yup, that’s what I’ll be focusing on this year. 2018 I will be looking inward and strengthening the things I’ve been blessed with. And it’s only appropriate for 2018’s focus word to be strengthen after 2017’s focus word was grow. You see, if we don’t stop to focus and strengthen what we do have, we’ll be in danger of letting them slip away or living a mediocre life. Now, I don’t know about you but I DO NOT want to live a mediocre life. I don’t want to look back on my life and have regrets or wishes that I would’ve spent more time doing this or that. So this year will be a year of inwardly focus, maintenance, and care towards the things that matter most. Here they are:

  1. Strengthen my relationship with God.
    1. Why? Because He is so good and worthy of my time and devotion.
    2. How? Daily Bible reading (I already have my new devotional journal ready!), maintaining a regular prayer list that will be updated on a weekly basis, and taking my worries, cares, and concerns to Him FIRST strenghtening my dependance on Him.
  2. Strengthen my relationship with my husband.
    1. Why? I want to look him in the eyes when we’re 80 and be more in love with him than I am now. Besides, he works so hard and loves me and our family unconditionally.
    2. How? Do a weekly task for him just to let him know I’ve thought of him, schedule bi-weekly date nights, and do more things he enjoys doing.
  3. Strengthen my role as a mother for my children.
    1. Why? These precious little humans are so worthy of it and need me to help mold and shape them.
    2. How? Weekly one-on-one time with them, take extra time to train them instead of expecting them to know, scheduled teaching time. Also, complete a #365 book of them where I take a picture (real and unfiltered) of them every day.
  4. Strengthen my body to serve others best.
    1. Why? To serve my family and others to the best of my capacity.
    2. How? Exercise M, W, F for at least 30 minutes each time. (This will be done with our new jogging stroller with our little girl after we drop our little guy off at kindergarten for the morning.) Additionally, take time to plan out healthy meals.
  5. Strengthen my experience, service, and workflow in my photography.
    1. Why? To serve my current brides the best way I can leaving them with a great experience.
    2. How? Complete the Amy & Jordan Workflow, Business, and Posing courses I’ve purchased during February-April, implement a new workflow, and post, blog, and create on a regular basis.


So there you have it! As with all goals, I have a more in depth step plan on how to each of these goals will be executed but for now, that’s a basic overview. Now, these goals would not be complete without the help of two things I’m SUPER excited to be using this year:

First, it’s the Cultivate What Matters Power Sheet Planner. It’s not actually a planner but a goal scheduler to accompany your regular planner. It starts out with a general review of 2017 and an in depth review of yourself as a person to find out what to work on in order to make this next year a purposeful year. And each month has a section where you write down what’s on your calendar for the month, what your important to do’s are, your goals, and a few other things to be proactive and prepare for it accordingly. I’ve spent the last year dreaming of getting these Power Sheets and am so glad I finally did!



Secondly, it’s my Day Designer planner. What can I say, I’m a planner kind of girl. And after looking through dozens of planners, purchasing two only to return them, I’ve found the love of my life in the planner world! I love how the monthly section has little lines to write in what’s happening on a certain day and the weekly list starts each day with a top three list to write out, a section for the day’s schedule, AND a section for the evening where I can write down our dinner’s plans ahead of time. It’s a win, win! (I know, I’m kinda nerdy when it comes to my planners!)


So that’s what I have in mind for 2018. Now I know it may not all come to fruition as planned but ‘he who aims at nothing hits it every time’ and I don’t want to aim at nothing. I want to aim at a purposeful year loving and serving the people who matters most to me. Because that’s the stuff life is made up! Cheers to a New Year friends!!


P.s. Do y’all have resolutions for this next year? If so, stop by in the comments below to let me know what they are or just to say ‘hi’!



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