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An Inside Look into an Online Gallery

Oh, how I LOVE photographing my client friends!  (I hate to use the word clients as the people who choose to use me really do become my friends.) We schedule a date, meet, have a great time, and I go home and get started on edited hundreds of gorgeous images on my Mac. Then it’s DELIVERY DAY! (For engagement sessions, I deliver my images within 2 weeks and for weddings, within 4-6 weeks.) I know my couples are eagerly waiting for them in their inbox and I too, am eager to send them over their way. But if you’ve ever wondered how I deliver my images to my client friends, here it is:

There are different methods of delivering images: a physical hardcopy of the photo, a USB, but the method I use to deliver images is through an online gallery called PASS.  After spending much time investigating which company to use to deliver my images to my client friends, PASS was the winner in many different areas:

  1. It’s easy: I email a link to your online gallery. You get your images in a beautiful layout that you can scroll through.
  2. It’s fast: you can download your high resolution images individually or all at once. (For engagement sessions, I typically deliver 50-75 high resolution, edited images. For weddings, I typically deliver 75-100 images per hour of coverage time.)
  3. It’s sharable: you can forward the online gallery to family and friends. This is a huge plus for weddings when family has gone back home and would still like to scroll through and relive your big day. 
  4. There’s an online store: here you can order your favorite images in print, canvas, and cards to be delivered straight to your home!


So for these reasons, that’s why I deliver my images on the online gallery, PASS. I email and text a link to my couples on delivery day and get as excited as they do when they look over their images. I love photography, photography my client friends, but above all, serving them and bringing them joy in this creative area!


Aura Elizabeth



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