March 29, 2017

Amanda + Adam: El Matador Beach Engagement

Amanda & Adam’s engagement session at El Matador Beach was beautiful in every way. The couple. The sunset. The beach. I could photograph every couple here and still not get tired of this beautiful location! Seriously, I am so thankful there isn’t a shortage of nice locations here in Southern California for engagement sessions. Within a few hours we have the beach, the mountains, the city, the landmarks, the green hills, and so much more. Whenever I talk to a couple about setting up their engagement session I have a list of about 10 nice areas we can do their session at and then they choose which one they prefer. Because really, the engagement session is all about them, their love story, and their personalities so having them make the final decision on where they feel most comfortable works best.

And boy, El Matador Beach just looked great on these two! Amanda and Adam are just the sweetest couple and are so perfect for each other. Before we started our session, Adam mentioned that he didn’t think he was very photogenic. However, we discovered that not only are he and Amanda super photogenic but they are basically model material!  (I’ve noticed that it’s usually the ones who tell me they’re not photogenic who end up doing amazing during their session.) Halfway throughout their session they were basically posing themselves but really, it was just an outpouring of how much in love they are and how comfortable they are in each other’s arms. (And in case you all are wondering if a session is awkward, the answer is absolutely not. As intimidating as it can be, sessions can be so much fun and down-to-earth.)

So despite the chilly weather (ha, the rest of America would laugh at what we SoCal residents would consider chilly!) and getting unexpectedly wet, we all had such a great time! These two had me laughing the whole time and I just cannot wait till their May wedding! Here’s a small preview of their sunset beach session: