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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me



February 7, 2017

Although you see my work posted on social media and elsewhere, it’s hard to really get to know the person behind the lens. Well, if you don’t know me, or have just seen tidbits of me, I’m Aura Elizabeth and I like warm hugs, ginormous pieces of cake, and chasing sunsets. I’m a small town girl who somehow ended up in the big city (it all started with a boy…) who’s married to an amazing man and is the mother (I know, having kids is so adult like right?!) to two little ones who hold our hearts and keep us on our toes. I’m blessed to serve others through photography and love giving them an awesome, fun, and down-to-earth experience. So if you didn’t know much about me, here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me to get to know me better:

1. I wish I was healthier. Why is it just so hard? The good food is bad for you and the healthy food, well, just doesn’t taste like an Oreo. (Nothing will take your place sweet thing.) And exercising?! Inflicting bodily pain and discomfort is not my idea of a good time. Although I do have to say that I did train for and ran a half marathon over a year ago and am {attempting} to train for another one this year. On my life bucket list is to run a full marathon but before then, I need to rest my body to preserve my energy for that.

2. I don’t like airplanes, boats, bridges, tunnels, and anything else that takes my feet off dry land. So basically, I’m a scaredy cat. Me and God get real close when I fly. Can I blame it on being from the midwest where I didn’t have to endure any of this?

3. I didn’t make it to the cheerleading team in Jr. High. Sad right? I worked so hard to memorize that cheer. Try outs were like something you see on that cheerleading movie “Bring It On”-a panel of judges in the middle of the gym and you just walked in and did your cheer. Except I didn’t. I walked in, started, forgot, froze, and walked back out. Oh, the disappointment still stings my heart. So I joined the art club instead.

4. I have zero musical talent. Like zero. Zip. None. And I’ve actually tried by taking piano lessons in high school and college. It just doesn’t click for me. But hey, none of that matters when I’m singing in the shower!

5. I’d rather eat a dessert than a meal. See #1. For real. My favorite Christmas gift was the Sprinkles Baking Book by Candace Nelson (the incredible woman who founded Sprinkles Cupcakes) and I’ve spent more time whipping up red velvet cupcakes than casseroles. Hey, don’t judge.

5. I’m 5’1 and 3/4 I’d like to think that I’m just concentrated awesome. But really, I could write another blog post all about short girl problems. Like the car visor never reaching my eyes, my younger sisters being taller than me, how sometimes my feet don’t touch the ground when I sit down, and so much more. Maybe one day…

7. I’m insecure about parenthood. If there’s one thing I want to be good at, it’s being a mom. Not for me, but for my kids who are worthy of that and so much more. With all my heart I desire them to be kind, strong, people of character, hard working, loving, thoughtful of others, secure, confident, and so much more. Sometimes I don’t know all the answers, sometimes I get tired, sometimes I have to work, but all the times I want to be what they need me to be and deserve me to be.

8. I’m allergic to flowers and cats. All kinds of cats but not all kinds of flowers. My husband is just the sweetest: he’ll buy me flowers on a regular occasion and tries to remember which ones we can have in our home without me sneezing and wheezing.

9. I’m a morning person. I know, it’s kinda weird. I’m a fresh, chirpy person who is ready for her day at 6:00 a.m. There’s so much to love about mornings: the newness, the freshness, the quietness a brand new day brings forth is enough reason for me to get a jump start on my day. And I’ve just discovered the White Chocolate Macadamia creamer to go with my coffee and it just makes my mornings even better!

10. I have a bad habit of starting to read books and never finishing. It’s awful! And I know that readers are leaders. I do hope to overcome this bad habit this year and complete a book each month. What I’m currently reading: Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley. Because I sure do need a whole lot of that in my life!



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